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John von Neumann (December 28, 1903 - February 8, 1957)

Princeton University Cemetery, Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

John von Neumann on findagrave

Wikipedia page on John von Neumann

Wikipedia page on Princeton Cemetery

Princeton Cemetery on findagrave

Robert Owen (May 14, 1771 - November 17, 1858)

Church of St Mary, Newton, Wales.

Robert Owen gravesite

Robert Owen Memorial and Reformers Memorial, Kensal Green Cemetery

Wikipedia page on Robert Owen

Kensal Green Cemetery

Robert Owen and New Lanark

Wikipedia page on New Lanark

Vilfredo Pareto (July 15, 1848 - August 19, 1923)

Cemetery of Celigny, Canton Geneva, Switzerland.

Celigny has two cemeteries, the other 'old' cemetery is further down the lane and contains the graves of Richard Burton and Alistair MacLean

Pareto's grave site

Wikipedia page on Vilfredo Pareto

Wikipedia page on Celigny

Sir William Petty (May 26, 1623 - December 16, 1687)

Romsey Abbey, Hampshire, England.

Romsey Abbey contains an effigy of Sir William Petty, 17th century anatomist, cartographer and inventor, erected by his descendant, the Marquis of Landowne in 1858. It was believed he was the one man in the 17th century who might have had enough money to make good the damage done by the Roundheads - although born in 1623 and buried in 1687 in Romsey, Petty left nothing to the abbey in his will. A modest gravestone records his death, and it was not until 1858 that a life-size effigy was placed in the church. See this Romsey page for pictures of both

Wikipedia page on William Petty

Wikipedia page on Romsey Abbey

John Aubrey's brief life of Petty

Arthur Cecil Pigou (November 18, 1877 - March 7, 1959)

Churchyard of St. Andrew and St. Mary, Grantchester, England.

Arthur Cecil Pigou's grave site

Wikipedia page on Arthur Cecil Pigou

Church of St. Andrew and St. Mary

John Rae (June 1, 1796 - July 12, 1872)

Woodland Cemetery, Staten Island.

According to Warren James in John Rae--Political Economist (Toronto, 1965, vol 1, p. 123) Rae's grave is in an old section of Woodland Cemetery, overgrown with weeds and unmarked.

Wikipedia page on John Rae

Pictures of Woodland Cemetery

Woodland Cemetery

Frank P. Ramsey (February 22, 1903 - January 19, 1930)

Ascension Burial Ground (formerly the Churchyard of St. Giles), Cambridge, England.

Frank P. Ramsey's grave site

Wikipedia page on Frank P. Ramsey

Wikipedia page on Ascension Burying Ground

David Ricardo (April 18, 1772 - September 11, 1823)

St. Nicholas' Churchyard, Hardenhuish, Wiltshire, England.

David Ricardo's grave site

Wikipedia page on David Ricardo

St. Nicholas' Church

Lionel (Baron) Robbins (November 22, 1898 - May 15, 1984)

His ashes were scattered off The Cobb, Lyme Regis, England, where he had a cottage.

The Cobb, Lyme Regis

Wikipedia page on Lionel Robbins

Wikipedia page on Lyme Regis

Thanks to Professor Sue Howson

Jean-Baptiste Say (January 5, 1767 - November 15, 1832)

Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France.

Wikipedia page on Jean-Baptiste Say

Wikipedia page on Lachaise Cemetery

Virtual tour of Lachaise Cemetery

Joseph A. Schumpeter (February 8, 1883 - January 8, 1950)

Salisbury Cemetery, Salisbury, Connecticut, USA.

Wikipedia page on Joseph A. Schumpeter

Salisbury Cemetery on findagrave

Nassau William Senior (September 26, 1790 - June 4, 1864)

Kensal Green Cemetery, London, England.

Wikipedia page on Nassau Senior

Wikipedia page on Kensal Green Cemetery

George Shackle (July 13, 1903 - March 3, 1992)

Churchyard of St. Peter and St. Paul, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England.

George Shackle's grave site

Wikipedia page on George Shackle

Church of St. Peter and St. Paul on findagrave

Wikipedia page on Aldeburgh

Adam Smith (June 5, 1723 - July 17, 1790)

Canongate Churchyard, Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Adam Smith's grave site

Adam Smith statue, High Street, Edinburgh

Wikipedia page on Adam Smith

Wikipedia page on Canongate Church

Canongate Church on findagrave

Herbert Spencer (April 27, 1820 - December 8, 1903)

Highgate Cemetery (East), Highgate, London, England.

Herbert Spencer's grave site

Wikipedia page on Herbert Spencer

Wikipedia Page on Highgate Cemetery

Piero Sraffa (August 5, 1908 - December 3, 1983)

Memorial at Trinity College, Cambridge, England.

Piero Sraffa Memorial on findagrave

Wikipedia page on Piero Sraffa

Dugald Stewart (November 22, 1753 - June 11, 1828)

Canongate Churchyard, Royal Mile Edinburgh, Scotland.

Dugald Stewart's grave site

There is also a large and splendid memorial to Stewart on Edinburgh's Calton Hill.

Wikipedia page on Dugald Stewart

Wikipedia page on Canongate Church

Canongate Churchyard on findagrave

Frank William Taussig (December 28, 1859 - November 11, 1940)

Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Frank Taussig's grave site

Wikipedia page on Frank Taussig

Wikipedia page on Mount Auburn Cemetery

A. R. Jacques Turgot (May 10, 1727 - March 18, 1781)

Turgot is buried beneath the chapel floor of the Laennec Hospital (known even earlier as the Hospice des Incurables), 42 Rue de Sevres, Paris. The chapel courtyard contains a memorial bust, a picture of which can be found on the French Wikipedia page for the Laennec Chapel.

Thanks to Professor Emmanuel S. de Dois.

Wikipedia page on A. R. Jacques Turgot

Johann Heinrich von Thünen (June 24, 1783 - September 22, 1850)

Prebberede-Belitz Church, Germany.

Johann Heinrich von Thünen's grave site

On Thünen's gravestone is engraved: A = √ap [The natural wage, A, is the square root of (ap), where p is the worker's product and a is his subsistence requirements.]

Wikipedia page on Johann Heinrich von Thünen

Visit the Thuenen Museum Tellow

Sebastian le Prestre, Seigneur de Vauban (May 15, 1633- March 30, 1707)

Les Invalides, Paris, France.

"His tomb is among the most beautiful there. I wonder if the remains of any other economist rest in such splendor." (Earl J. Hamilton, HOPE vol 1, 1969, pp 123-49, n. 52)
In fact only his heart is buried there, his remains were scattered after the French Revolution.

Vauban's Tomb

Wikipedia page on Seigneur de Vauban

Wikipedia page on Les Invalides

Thorstein Veblen (July 30, 1857 - August 3, 1929)

"Ardzrooni and Davenport, who was in Palo Alto at the time, were at a loss as to Veblen's wishes in the matter of burial. They decided to have him cremated and scatter the ashes over the Pacific Ocean. Later Ardzrooni found a piece of writing in Veblen's papers which indicated that the funeral arrangements accordedwith Veblen's wishes. The note was unsigned, written in pencil probably within a week of his death:

It is my wish, in case of death, to be cremated, if it can conveniently be done, as expeditiously and inexpensively as may be, without ritual or ceremony of any kind; that my ashes be thrown loose into the sea, or into some sizable strean running to the sea; that no tombstone, slab, epitaph, effigy, tablet, inscription, or monument of any nameor nature, be set up in my memory or name in any place or at any time; that no obituary, memorial, portrait, or biography of me, nor any letters written to or by me be printed or published, or in any way reproduced, copied or circulated."
(Joseph Dorfman, Thorstein Veblen and His America, p.504)

Wikipedia page on Thorstein Veblen

Leon Walras (December 16, 1834 - January 5, 1910)

Cemetery of Clarens (Montreux), Switzerland.

Leon Walras' grave site

Wikipedia page on Leon Walras

Cemetery of Clarens on findagrave

William Whewell (May 24, 1794 - March 6, 1866)

Trinity College Chapel, Cambridge, England.

William Whewell on findagrave

Wikipedia page on William Whewell

Wikipedia page on Trinity College, Cambridge

Allyn Abbott Young (September 19, 1876 - March 7, 1929)

Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Allyn Young's grave site

Allyn Young died in 1929 in London, only 18 months after taking up his appointment at the LSE, as a result of a influenza epidemic. He was cremated in London and his ashes buried in Mount Auburn Cemetery two years later in 1931.

Wikipedia page on Allyn Young

Wikipedia page on Mount Auburn Cemetery

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