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  • Ethical and practical issues in community-university
    research collaborations

    Community-University Connections is in the process of identifying and analysing ethical and practical issues in community-university research collaborations.

    For example: What are appropriate protocols for research collaborations between universities and communities and how are these developed? How is research 'data' shared with communities? How are rights to cultural knowledge, 'intellectual property' and related issues addressed by current university research policies and ethical review processes? How do university promotion and tenure systems encourage or discourage community-based research?

    We are exploring these issues through workshops, seminars and discussion papers. Our analysis will help to develop a process for successful partnerships in BC, and will assist other organisations and academic institutions that seek to establish similar processes.

  • Science Shops BC

    Community-University Connections is adapting the Dutch 'science shops' model of community-university partnerships to the specific issues and circumstances in BC. This model will be based in part on the analysis of ethical and practical issues study described above. It will also be developed and established in direct collaboration with community organisations to ensure that the process suits local needs and interests. We have begun these collaborations with organisations in the Clayoquot Sound region on the west coast of Vancouver Island, and in association with the SSHRC/CURA sponsored Clayoquot Alliance for Research, Education and Training.

  • Canadian network of organisations and researchers

    Community-University Connections is developing a database of organisations and researchers who are interested in supporting and participating in community-based research. This database will assist communities and universities in finding appropriate contacts and resources for collaborative research.

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