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Welcome to my other other web presence. This site serves as a jumping off point to what I am doing online. It's a combo of my online work, my work at the ETCL; my particular projects; and other consulting work. Feel free to cruise around and see what I have going on.

Do you have any questions you want to throw at me? Email me or Tweet to me.

The Refugee Trading Post

I am part of a constituency group in Victoria. I was contacted to streamline the system used to connect people with items to donate with those people who are helping refugee families come to Victoria.

I built a database driven system to connect users so that all of this outpouring of charity does the most good.

2016: The Year Where It Clicks

2015 was a year of tremendous. At the start of 2016, I set up my new consulting business (Shawn DeWolfe Consulting). It operates in two key areas: research publishing and the B2B web precenses for the industrial marine sector. If your project needs to presented digitally, Let's talk.

The Rebuild Project

In 2014, I planned to rebuild my health, my finances and my personal outlook. Then, in 2015, eveyrthing fell. With Christmas done, I am to a year long rebuild. more info.