Making physical education meaningful for girls & young women: Implementation of a self-determination framework

I am currently the principal investigator of a SSHRC-funded project designed to adapt the curriculum and teaching practices in physical education in order to increase support for participation among female students. Concepts drawn from self-determination theory [SDT] of motivation provide the theoretical framework for this project. Dr. Viviene Temple (UVic), and Dr. Louise Humbert (University of Saskatchewan) are co-investigators in this project.

In-progress research activities associated with this project

•  Development of a PE self-determination measure for youth
•  Examination of the effectiveness of ten new senior PE courses designed specifically for females
•  Examination of competence and relatedness components in early years PE (click here to download project resource)

Team building through physical education

This study is designed compare the effectiveness of the Adventure Curriculum for Physical Education [ACPE] curriculum with the Team Building through Physical Challenges [TBPC] curriculum on the self-conceptions of physical education students in Grades 7 and 8 in BC middle schools. Both the ACPE and TBPC curricula are comprised of outdoor adventure-type tasks that are adapted for use in physical education. Dr. Vicki Ebbeck (Oregon State University) is a co-investigator of this project.

Development of assessment as learning tools for physical education

This project focuses on guiding pre-service teachers through the development of a range of assessment tools that focus on the concepts of “assessment as learning.”