SOGS: The University of Victoria’s Society of Undergraduate Geography Students

The Society of Geography Students acts as a liaison between the department and the students, facilitating academic and social events for the benefits of students. SOGS is the most active course union on the UVic campus, and if you’re taking a geography class this year, you’re already a “soggie”!

We are a group of undergraduate students who are dedicated to our discipline – Geography isn’t just about maps! It’s the original interdisciplinary studies and it overlaps with every social science and science. As spatial scientists, geographers examine natural spaces, urban places and everywhere in between to find connections. We aim to create a sense of community in the Geography Department so that we can all go out and explore the world together!

Our SOGS Room on campus can be found in the David Turpin Building B327. We offer comfy couches, a small kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave, compost, and recycling, as well as valuable student resources! It’s a great place to hang out between classes, study, make friends, and learn from others.

For the Fall 2017 Semester, weekly meetings are held on Wednesdays at  12:30 pm in the SOGS room.

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