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Adolescent science career aspirations explored through identity and mapping possible selves

Principal investigators

E. Anne Marshall, University of Victoria

Dr. Marshall's research projects include life transitions in emerging adulthood, life-career planning with youth (including Aboriginal youth), possible selves mapping, youth health and injury prevention, and identity issues. She has been invited to Thailand and the People's Republic of China to lecture and consult with colleagues regarding issues and interventions for life-career education and counseling.

Research Assistants

Francis Guenette, PhD Student. Work and career supports and barriers for youth and families in a rural community affected by social and economic restructuring.  PhD Dissertation (in progress), University of Victoria

Tanya Ward, MA Student. The Work and Educational Aspirations of Young Single Mothers in Rural Communities. (2010). Unpublished MA thesis. University of Victoria. (

Kate Fisher, MA Student. Title To Be Added Here. (2010). Unpublished MA thesis. University of Victoria, Victoria, BC. (

Tara Morley, Undergraduate Student.


This research focused on identity and the work and life planning process of high school science students using the construct of possible selves. Possible selves is a future-oriented and personalized form of self-concept that has direct relevance to how studentsí views of themselves guide their work and educational behaviors. By exploring their possible selves, students become active participants in a career planning and meaning-making process that illuminates their hopes and fears for the future as well as specific concrete steps they are and can be taking to work towards their aspirations. The use of possible selves mapping in our research with students identifies factors that influence career decision-making and school-to-work transition for adolescents, particularly in the field of science and technology.



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Conference Presentation

  • Marshall, E. A., Begoray, D., Rawdah, N., Lawrence, B. C, & Guenette, F. (October, 2009). The Possible Selves Mapping process: Research and practice to facilitate transitions for emerging adults. Innovative session presentation at the 4th Conference on Emerging Adulthood, Atlanta, GA.
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  • Ward, T., Guenette, F., & Marshall, A. (May, 2009).& Fisher, K. (October, 2009).

Instructional Resources

    • Marshall, A. & Guenette, F. (2008). Possible Selves Mapping Process: A career development exploration process for teachers and students. DVD resource. University of Victoria: Victoria, BC.
    • Marshall, A., Guenette, F., & Ward, T. (in preparation). Possible Selves Mapping Process: A manual to facilitate the career development exploration process. University of Victoria: Victoria, BC.


    Dr. E. Anne Marshall, Professor, Department of Education Psychology and Leadership Studies (


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