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Principal investigators

Nikki Wright, SeaChange Marine Conservation Society  

Research projects include ....

Research Assistants

  • Earle Claxton, Jr.,
  • John D. (Lewis) Williams,
  • Tammy Paul


Snitcel (pronounced “Sneakwith”, the Sencoten word for the Place of the Blue Grouse) is a special place to many. To the local Saanich First Nations communities on the Saanich Peninsula, it is part of their traditional territory utilized for hunting, fishing, shellfish gathering and sacred ceremonies. It was also historically considered a safe settlement during the winter months. Saanich Elders remember ceremonies and Sencoten names for the abundant plant life in what is now known as Gowlland Tod Provincial Park which surrounds Tod Inlet. The goals of the Snitcel Program are twofold: To increase the capacity of First Nations youth to enter into science, both traditional indigenous and western science related careers and to increase understanding of how traditional knowledge has been and is presently used in The Place of the Blue Grouse. SeaChange work with First Nations intended to bridge the “information gap” and bring the scientific data (i.e. analysis of water, sediment and shellfish tissue sampling of Tod Creek and Inlet) to the community of First Nations youth and the larger community surrounding the Tod Creek Watershed.


Conference Presentation

  • Williams, J.D.,(Lewis) & Claxton, E., Jr. (2007, October). Ecological restoration and education. Presented at the CANEUEL (Working Together) Series to the Community-based Research Conference, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC.
  • Williams, J.D. (Lewis), Paul, T., & Claxton, E., Jr. (2007, September). SNITCEL: Connecting to place. Presented at the National CRYSTAL Meeting, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB.





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