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Earth Science Literacy - Partnering and producing Professional Development Opportunities and Resources for Teachers and Student Teachers

Principal investigator

Eileen Van der Flier-Keller (School of Earth and Ocean Sciences), University of Victoria

Focus and Rationale

Over the past several years there have been earth science professional development opportunities provided for teachers through collaboration between local scientists and teachers. Workshops have been developed and offered by teacher/scientist combinations, and activities, resources and manuals have been prepared to assist teachers with teaching the earth science in the K-12 curriculum in a way that engages students and nurtures the interest that most children already have in earth science. The focus of this project is, through collaboration between science and education, to provide new opportunities for teachers in training as well as to continue to develop and provide professional development opportunities and earth science literacy resources for in-service teachers. We as humans are an integral part of the Earth system. The science of Earth systems forms the foundation for understanding and sustaining the environment that we live in and the resources that we use. Earth science is an interdisciplinary and important science which addresses many key societal issues. These include natural hazards - e.g. earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, and slope failures; resources - including soils, fertilizers, water, energy supplies (nuclear and hydrocarbon), mineral resources, and aggregate; and global change - a primary focus of earth science research is to understand the history and evolution of the Earth.



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