Lab Director

Danu Stinson

Danu Anthony Stinson, PhD

Dr. Stinson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Victoria, Canada. Her research is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). 

Dr. Stinson specializes in the psychology of the self and close relationships. Her research seeks to identify, and help people overcome, social-psychological barriers to health and well-being.





Graduate Students

Alexandra FisherAlexandra N. Fisher, MSc (UVic)

Alex is a doctoral candidate.

Her research focuses on the experience of female breadwinners and other successful women within relationships as well as within the broader social context. More specifically, she is interested in the stereotypes and impressions that are often formed and applied to successful women and how these impressions may influence relationship-initiation and maintenance processes. She also studies the experience of singlehood.


  Anastasja Kalajdzic, BA (University of Calgary) 

  Anastasia is a Master's student. She studies close relationships.






Honours Students

 Elysia Desgrosseilliers, BA (UVic)

Elysia is an honours student in the SWell lab. She is studying how female-empowerment messages in militry recruitment videos influence people's perceptions of gender equality in the Canadian Armed Forces.






Lab Alumni

MacKenzie Robertson, MSc (2019)

  • MSc Thesis: "Dieting also starves romantic relationships: The association between dieting and romantic relationship quality."

Anna MacIntosh, Honours BA (2019). 

  • Honours Thesis: "Examining perceptions of costs and benefits in female breadwinner relationships."

Ella Huber, Honours BA (2018)

  • Honours thesis: "Testing a self-and-social bonds model of health for individuals recovering from alcohol and substance use concerns."

Eric T. Huang, PhD (2016)

  • PhD Dissertation: "Self-esteem and the relation between arousal and relationship-initiation motivation."
  • MSc thesis: "The tell-tale heart: Self-esteem and physiological responses to social feedback."

Lisa B. Hoplock, PhD (2016)

  • PhD Dissertation: 'Will she say yes? A content analysis of accepted and rejected marriage proposals."
  • MSc Thesis: "Verifying relational value: The moderating role of self-esteem in seeking self-verifying feedback."

Theresa H. He, MSc (2015)

  • MSc Thesis: "The art of persuasion: Self-esteem, message framing, and the persuasiveness of prosocial messages."

Chantele Joordens, MSc (2013)

  • MSc Thesis: "Does perceived mismatch in attractiveness between members of a romantic couple activate mating-motivated perception?"

Leah Robbins, Honours BA (2013)

  • Honours Thesis: "Who likes Angelina Jolie? Effects of self-esteem and relationship threat on acceptance of mate poaching."

Brandon St. Pierre, Honours BSc (2011)

  • Honours Thesis: "Can a compliment tire you out? Self-esteem and reactions to social feedback."