Bob is happy

Bob is happy.  He has such a pretty room.  It has shiny clean walls and sweet tasting air.  In part of the room are several flower boxes full of pretty flowers, a wonderful pear tree, tomato plants, and the occasional zucchini.  Hummingbirds fly from flower to flower.

Bob is content.  He picks some pears and a tomato and eats while he watches the hummingbirds.  He breathes in the wonderful air.  He looks at the pretty flowers.

Bob is bored.  He picks at the tiles on the floor.  One comes loose.  It is shiny and sparkly.  Bob picks out another.  Pretty little shiny things.

Bob is happy.  He knows what he has to do.  He is to build a thneed.  He needs more shiny tiles.  There are lots more.  He needs some sticks.  He gets branches off of the pear tree.

Bob is ecstatic.  Joe just bought the thneed for $3.98.  Bob needs to make many more.  Bob is a good person.  He gets right to work.  More thneeds.  More tiles, more branches.

Bob is happy.  He has many more thneeds.  But he still needs more.  He stops to eat.  Nice tomatoes.  No pears?  The pear tree looks like a power pole.  Thatís all right.  Bob eats a zucchini instead.

Bob is worried.  There are no more sticks for thneeds.  And there is no more pears to eat.  Bob thinks for a bit.  He is really smart.

Bob is happy again.  He has it figured out.  Dried tomato vines can work as good as sticks if he braids them.  Bob thinks ahead.  He doesnít want to run out of tomatoes like he did pears, so he pulls up all of the flowers and plants tomatoes.  Bob is really smart.  He even plants a few zucchini so he can eat.

Bob is content.  He is making thneeds.  But now itís harder, having to dry all those vines.  No time to do anything else.  Itís so hard to walk to the toilet with all those holes in the floor.  No time to waste, canít delay production.  Bob just shits on the floor.

Bob is perturbed.  The air stinks.  There isnít very many hummingbirds to watch.  There isnít very much floor to stand on.  The zucchiniís arenít doing very well.  Bob makes another thneed.  He is content.

Bob is unhappy.  All of the hummingbirds died.  The air really stinks and flies buzz around the room.  Bob is getting sick of zucchini.  The tomatoes donít produce any flowers when he picks the vines.  Stupid flies.  Bob shits on the floor.  He makes some more thneeds.  He is content.

Bob is worried.  There are no more tomatoes left.  How can he make thneeds?

Bob is happy again.  The flower boxes are made of wood.  Bob breaks up the flower boxes and gets more sticks.  Bob is really smart.  He even leaves one flower box so he can grow zucchinis.  Bob makes another thneed.  He is content.

Bob is perturbed.  He is out of sticks again.  He has to stand on one foot so he doesnít fall into the hole in the floor.  His box of zucchini all died.  He doesnít know why.  Oh well, some more sticks to use for thneeds.  The air has so much ammonia in it that his eyes water.  Bob makes another thneed.  He is content.

Bob is fucked.