To: The Great Khan Stu
From: Lieutenant Shannon, K.N.S Virgil, Western Region, The Great Khanate Navy, Autonomous Region under the Arbutus
Re: Actions against everyone
    I write to report that initial actions taken under your flag have been successful.  Captain Digby has lead the crew succesfully.  A heavy burden of booty was purloined from the town of East Coulee.  The citizens had been distracted by a recent flood there, so no repercussions can be expected.  The heavy load was transferred to a safe harbor, and stored safely encased in metal cages to await your pleasure.  Along with this a heavy load of Quartzite ore, all pieces greater than four inches has also been obtained.  The Captain of the cargo vessel had strayed into shallow waters and we convinced him that it was in his best interest to allow us to "assist" him.
    Enclosed are several images for your edification.  While it is unusual for a subordinate to recommend his superior for commendation, it is my belief that Captain Digby deserves recognition for his leadership.  The sterling example he set, led the men to heculean efforts in transporting your booty to their storage containers.  Even the ship's monkey Peter helped out.
    I must now report that I have successfully completed my transfer from the western region of your great navy to the pacific region.  As such I will no longer be able to assist Captain Digby in his endeavors. 
Your devoted Officer
Lieutenant Shannon M.G., (formerly) K.N.S. Virgil