Ethnolichenology of the World

By: Stu Crawford

"The beauty of lichens, with their scalloped leaves, the small attractive fields, the crinkled edge!  I could study a single piece for hours.  How they flourish!  I sympathize with their growth."

Henry David Thoreau
January 26th, 1852

Table of Contents

PART I:  A brief look at lichens and people
       Folk taxonomy of lichens
       Lichen mythology
       Uses of lichens by people
       Variation within a lichen species
       Lichens as medicine
       Lichens as food
       Lichens as dye

PART II:  An inventory of lichen species that are used by people
       Lichens A-M
       Lichens N-X and unidentified lichens
       Index of lichen names


       Table 1:  Preparation methods of lichens used as food by people
       Table 2:  A summary of studies on the nutritional composition of lichens
       Table 3:  A summary of lichens being used as dyes

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