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Graffiti from an outhouse wall
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A story about Bob
A story about a different Bob
Me and the Caterpiller

Global effects of the sneipas

Making a didgeridoo
Physics of the didgeridoo

Pictures of skulls
Dogs, bears, racoons, skunks
Weasels, sea lions, seals, walrus
Cats, hyaenas, mongooses, civets

Online issues of the Mobius Strip Tease
Issue 42: Menstruation
Issue 43: An Antipodal Essay

The ongoing battle
Letter of Marque delivered by rider July 22nd, 2005
Update from troops August 28th, 2005

Some old articles
Cattle grazing as a conservation tool:  Do you think beef is evil?  Read this and then we'll talk...
The Gaia Hypothesis:  Evidence for the earth taking care of itself.
Can economics be greened?:  A short essay on the efficacy of economics in solving our problems.
Economics vs. social solutions to create sustainability:  A much more in-depth article.
Swadeshi Economics:  A short essay.
Problems with the Free Market Economy:  A paper presented in 2000 at a conference in Lethbridge titled "Globalization Today".
Selling our Souls:  An outdated article written in 2001, shortly after the human genome was published.
Resource Mobilization and Social Movements:  Some ramblings about the sociology of activism.
Protests of the Anti-Globalization Movement:  A sociological analysis of all those activists, a bit outdated now.
The morality of protecting Gaia:  A little bit idealistic...
Sustainable Development:  A critique of the Brundtland Report.
Grassroots Development:  Blah, blah, blah, grassroots is good.
Lesotho and the World Bank:  A short and uninteresting essay.

Some interesting articles other people have wrote
The Oil We Eat
Humans as Cancer
Eco-extremists aren't extreme enough:  An article about logging published in the National Post in 2000.
The Final Countdown:  An interview with E. O. Wilson.

Me in the news...
Martlet, June 17, 2004
Meliorist (University of Lethbridge), March, 2003

Legal information
Legal Preparedness (and an uneditted version)
Legal Workshop (and an uneditted version)
Some pages from the police training manual

All about lichens