Philosophical Statement

  It is definitely difficult to incorporate new games in to physical education, especially at the secondary level. Whether it is budget reasons or that teachers and administration just do not want to take that risk. We believe that physical education should provide students with opportunities to learn in an enjoyable environment. One of the main focuses of any unit plan should be to keep students' interests high as well as to enhance their quality of life. This curling unit will contribute to the BC IRP aim, by implementing a new activity for students to enjoy new movement experiences and understanding of a forgotten game. The unit plan's objectives are to facilitate students in understanding the different movements involved, why they need these movements to enhance their learning of the game, and to retain this information to use it in the future.
    As teachers, we shall design a unit that will allow students to appreciate curling using various teaching styles and methods within a Spectrum theory designed by Muska Mosston. Our main goal is for students to meet the learning objectives by acquiring different learning domains (psychomotor, social/affective, and cognitive) through the use of carious teaching styles.