Research in the lab focuses on understanding the development and dynamics of plant communities since the last glaciation. Our research relies on paleoecological methods such as fossil pollen analysis of lake sediments, which we combine with a variety of other biological and geochemical techniques. The central aims are 1) to identify the ecological, environmental and climatic factors that drive vegetation dynamics on long ecological timescales, 2) to understand how these factors interact, and 3) to provide insight that can be used to understand, predict and manage the ecological impacts of environmental change.

Our research is sponsored by:


The Paleoecology Lab

                      at UVic

Terri Lacourse, Ph.D.

Department of Biology

University of Victoria

Victoria, BC CANADA

Office: CUNN 155a

Office Phone: 250-721-7222

Lab: CUNN 155 and 167

Lab Phone: 250-721-7665