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Top 5 Victorian Poetry Sites
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The web is a wondrous and vast source of information, but it is much too easy to get lost in cyber space searching endlessly for information that seems just outside your grasp. We know that there are amazing Victorian poetry resources in the great wide web, that you want to find them. We also know your time is valuable and that you need to save it for research that counts, so we’ve searched and compiled a list of the top five Victorian poetry sites to make your life easier.  This list will save your study and research time for the sites that count.

1) The Dickinson Electronic Archives (DEA) is a comprehensive site entirely devoted to Emily Dickinson. The site contains electronic works by Dickinson and articles about her work, teaching tools, resources for study and links to more relevant online resources. Unique to this site is section on Dickinson’s Letter-poems including electronic images of her original letter-poems as well as transcriptions of the works. The DEA is extremely well maintained, very user friendly and is managed by a scholarly editorial staff and advisory board. The DEA is definitely the website to check out if studying Emily Dickinson.

2) The Walt Whitman Archive is truly brilliant. This website is more than comprehensive – it is possibly everything you could want to access about Whitman (for an undergrad at least)! This archive collects and amalgamates everything Whitman into one easily accessible site. Interested in the newspaper Whitman edited in 1842? No problem, you can see digital images online at the archive. This website has everything from biographies, critical essays, digital images of original manuscripts, transcriptions of original manuscripts, portraits and photographs of Whitman, lists and links of Whitman’s collected works, to an actual audio recording of Whitman reading “America.” The Walt Whitman Archive is original, visually dynamic and engaging. It is no surprise that the project staff list is a notable one – the archive boasts an impressive amount of scholars dedicated to providing you with the best information available about Whitman’s work.

3) The Rossetti Archive is devoted to the scholarly study of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. The archive consists Rossetti’s complete writings and pictures, including his original Poems (and second edition) translation work in The Early Italian Poets, pictures, prose, books and correspondence. Rossetti’s works are beautifully archived and digital images are available of original manuscripts and printings of his poetry. The Rossetti Archive is federated by NINES. The archive also includes an extremely well organized and extensive bibliography – the ideal source for any research project on Rossetti. If you are studying/researching Rossetti you need to utilize this site!

4) The Victorian Women Writers Project is dedicated to increasing the awareness of lesser known Victorian women writers. Although the project includes a variety of writings from novels to political tracts, there is a good selection of women poets included in the project. To exclusively access poetry can search by author name or key word. The project has a really useful “my selections” tool that saves your documents of interest for quick and easy reference. All documents are accessible in full directly on the site which also features the option of a keyword search within the document. This is a really useful site if you are researching a lesser known woman writer.  Victorian Women Writers Project is hosted affiliated with Indiana University and the IU Digital Library Program and is edited managed by a significant group of American scholars.

5) The Swinburne Project add link is an archive containing the work of Algernon Charles Swinburne. The project contains an impressive collection of Swinburne’s works which are searchable by title or volume. All work archived on the site is accessible electronically in full. The project also offers a very convenient search engine that searches the database by keyword or bibliographic information. Still under construction, the site already offers a comprehensive collection of Swinburne’s works. The site is published by Indiana University and is definitely the most scholarly and comprehensive site about Swinburne’s poetry on the web.

In case you didn’t find what you were looking for with the previous five websites, here are a couple more websites of note:

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