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Poem of the Month: June

“The Palace of Pan” / A. C. Swinburne Inscribed to my Mother September, all glorious with gold, as a king In the radiance of triumph attired, Outlightening the summer, outsweetening the spring, Broods wide on the woodlands with limitless wing, A presence of all men desired. Far eastward and westward the sun-coloured lands Smile warm […]

Database of Mid-Victorian Illustration
Database of Mid-Victorian Illustration

From time to time at VPN we plan to bring you news and information about digital tools that help with the teaching and research of Victorian poetry. One resource that I recently encountered is the Database of Mid-Victorian Illustration, based at Cardiff University, which provides searchable images of almost 900 literary illustrations published in and […]

Special issue of Victorian Poetry: Robert Browning among the Victorians – and After

Next year’s summer issue of Victorian Poetry (2012, 50.2) will celebrate the Bicentenary of Browning’s birth. The issue will contain a roundtable discussion on the state of Browning studies involving Isobel Armstrong, Sandra Donaldson, Daniel Karlin, Warwick Slinn, Herbert Tucker and John Woolford. The editors, Mary Ellis Gibson and Britta Martens, are looking forward to […]

More on Victorian Prosody special issues

Yisrael Levin has already announced to VPN readers his forthcoming special issue of Victorian Poetry, co-edited with Meredith Martin, on Victorian prosody. This issue is paired with another forthcoming special issue in The Hopkins’ Quarterly for Winter-Spring 2011 (vol. 38, nos 1-2) on Hopkins and prosody. I thought readers would like a sneak preview of the […]

Poem of the Month: May

Christina Rossetti, “May” I cannot tell you how it was, But this I know: it came to pass Upon a bright and sunny day When May was young; ah, pleasant May! As yet the poppies were not born Between the blades of tender corn; The last egg had not hatched as yet, Nor any bird […]

The allure of Keats’s grave
The allure of Keats's grave

Poems on Keats’s grave proliferated in the nineteenth century like the flowers (and, later, feral cats) that populated his resting place. In her study Poetical Remains: Poets’ Graves, Bodies, and Books in the Nineteenth Century, Samantha Matthews points out that the graves of Keats and Shelley, situated near one another in the Cimiterio Acattolici (or […]

Victorian Prosody: Special Issue of Victorian Poetry

Followers of this blog will be happy to hear about the summer 2011 issue (49.2) of Victorian Poetry dedicated to Victorian prosody. Edited by Meredith Martin and Yisrael Levin, it consists of articles by both young and well-established scholars including Linda K. Hughes, Caroline Levine, Herbert Tucker, Jason Hall, Hazel Hutchinson, Jason Rudy, and Ben […]