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More on Victorian Prosody special issues
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Yisrael Levin has already announced to VPN readers his forthcoming special issue of Victorian Poetry, co-edited with Meredith Martin, on Victorian prosody. This issue is paired with another forthcoming special issue in The Hopkins’ Quarterly for Winter-Spring 2011 (vol. 38, nos 1-2) on Hopkins and prosody.

I thought readers would like a sneak preview of the Table of Contents, below (courtesy of Hilary Attfield):

Victorian Poetry (49.2) Contents

Hopkins’ Quarterly (38.1-2) Contents

Prosody is a hot topic again in Victorian poetry studies. I’m delighted that Jason Hall, whose edited collection of essays Meter Matters: Verse Cultures of the Long Nineteenth Century is forthcoming this year with Ohio University Press, will be posting on prosody soon. Stay tuned!

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