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Victorian Prosody: Special Issue of Victorian Poetry
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Followers of this blog will be happy to hear about the summer 2011 issue (49.2) of Victorian Poetry dedicated to Victorian prosody. Edited by Meredith Martin and Yisrael Levin, it consists of articles by both young and well-established scholars including Linda K. Hughes, Caroline Levine, Herbert Tucker, Jason Hall, Hazel Hutchinson, Jason Rudy, and Ben Glaser. Taken as a whole, this special issue challenges the common perception of prosody as an essentially linguistic, a-historical practice, and instead shows the close connection between cultural circumstances and the formation of poetic categories. As the editors write in their Introduction, “not only does the study of Victorian culture help us understand Victorian prosody, but the study of Victorian prosody … helps us to understand Victorian culture.” As such, the issue calls for an expansion of our understanding of Victorian poetry in its context through the simultaneous employment of formalist and historicist analytical tools.

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