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At THATCamp2011, here at UVic (10-11 May 2011), I facilitated a session on Nineteenth-Century DH, during which we talked about creating a possible discussion forum for those working specifically in the area.

I’m working on a circulation list of interested people, so if you’d like to be included please let me know. And if you have any ideas for the kind of topics such a group could discuss and address, and on the best way to organise such a forum, I’d like to hear them too.

Here are some of the issues we talked about in THATCamp:

What are the special issues for 19th-century DH scholars?

How can we use digital tools to focus on the materiality of the text?

How does TEI need to be improved to meet the demands of the print culture of the period?

Explosion of digital texts makes access better, but how to cope with scholar overload and usability?

UPDATE: I’ve started a new community group with NINES to facilitate nineteenth-century DH issues. Please join us for discussion there! (15 July 2011)

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