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Here’s a round-up of some recent essays on or relating to Victorian poetry. If anyone has seen a publication not listed here, or would like to announce their own publication, please let me know (or go ahead and make your own post).

  • Women’s Studies 40: 4 (2011) is a special issue on 19th-Century Women Writers and the Classical Inheritance and includes Meilee D. Bridges, “‘Thou thing of years departed: (En)gendering Posthumous Sublimity in Felicia Hemans’ ‘The Image in Lava’; Isobel Hurst, “Classical Daughters: Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Margaret Fuller”; Shanyn Fiske, “Augusta Webster and the Social History of Myth”; and Andrew Eastham, “Bacchic Transference and Ecstatic Faith: Michael Field’s Callirrhoë and the Origins of Drama”
  • Victorian Literature and Culture has published online advance access to the following: Robert D. Butterworth, “Thomas Hood, Early Victorian Social Criticism, and the Hoodian Hero”; John Picker, “Curent Thinking: On Transatlantic Victorianism”; Alison Chapman, “Revolutionalizing Elizabeth Barrett Browning: A Review of the Complete Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning”
  • Victoriographies 1.1 (May 2011) includes Catherine Robson, “Legacies of the Victorian Age: The Nation’s Favo(u)rite Poems”


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