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Bad poetry or good verse? Felicia Hemans’ “Casabianca”
Bad poetry or good verse? Felicia Hemans' "Casabianca"

The British newspaper The Guardian features, for its current “poem of the week”, Felicia Hemans’ widely anthologised poem “Casabianca”. Its discussion, aimed at the general (educated, literate) reader, focuses on the merits of the poem as poetry, and whether it still deserves to be read. The critic, poet and creative writing professor Carol Rumens, wonders […]

Poets in Paris: Galignani’s Bookshop and Reading Room
Poets in Paris: Galignani's Bookshop and Reading Room

Mention Paris and bookshops and most people will perhaps think first of Shakespeare and Company, famously owned by Sylvia Beach and frequented by Joyce, Hemmingway and Pound. In Hemmingway’s late memoir of his life in Paris, A Movable Feast (1964), Sylvia Beach is about the only person who avoids his ridicule and wrath, as he documents […]

Poem of the Month: July
Poem of the Month: July

“Two Streams” / L.C.C. Yes, they are bright and sparkling in their flow, The sunlight dances on their crystal tide; Those streams to drink of which ye stoop so low, To track whose course ye wander far and wide; But hear ye not the solemn warning strain? “Who of these waters drinks shall thirst again!” […]