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The Cultural Place of George Eliot’s Poetry: Special Issue of George Eliot-George Henry Lewes Studies
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The Victorian Poetry Network will be happy to hear about the September 2011 issue (60-61) of George Eliot-George Henry Lewes Studies dedicated to George Eliot’s poetry. Edited by Kyriaki Hadjiafxendi, the special issue consists of articles by both young and well-established scholars including Isobel Armstrong, Alexis Easley, Charles LaPorte, Kathleen McCormack, Katherine Newey, Linda H. Peterson, Valerie Sanders, Stella Pratt-Smith, Kimberly J. Stern and Herbert F. Tucker.

This special issue tries to reclaim Eliot’s place in the literary canon as a poet by exploring the challenges that her poetry posed and still poses to its readers today. All its contributors experiment with different ways of reading Eliot’s poems in their own right rather than as narratives that happen to be in poetic form. In so doing, the aim is to sketch out ‘an Eliot who is barely visible in her novels’. I thought that a preview into the introduction (see link below: George Eliot and the Poetics of Disbelief) may help to foster discussion on the cultural place of Eliot’s poetry.

Contents: Isobel Armstrong, Preface; Kyriaki Hadjiafxendi, George Eliot and the Poetics of Disbelief; Herbert F. Tucker, Quantity and Quality: The Strange Case of George Eliot, Minor Poet; Linda H. Peterson, The Spanish Gypsy as George Eliot’s Poetic Debut; Kathleen McCormack, The Spanish Gypsy: Geography, Photography, and Ethnography in Spain; Stella Pratt-Smith, Inside-Out: Texture and Belief in George Eliot’s “Bubble-World”; Valerie Sanders, “My father shook my soul awake:” Salvaging Family Relationships in Eliot’s Poetry; Kimberly J. Stern, The Poetics of Criticism: Dialogue and Discourse in George Eliot’s Poetry; Alexis Easley, Poet as Headliner: George Eliot and Macmillan’s Magazine; Katherine Newey; The “British Matron” and the Poetic Drama: The Case of Augusta Webster; Charles LaPorte, Postscript

You can get hold of this special issue  by contacting by email the General Editor of the Journal of George Eliot-George Henry Lewes:
Professor William Baker (<>)
University Trustee Professor and Distinguished Research Professor
Department of English and University Libraries
Northern Illinois University

George Eliot and the Poetics of Disbelief


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