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Call for Protest: Inaccurate, Unfair Assessment of Robert Browning
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VPN readers will recall Robert Browning’s bi-centenary this year, and the recent flurry of events organized to mark this important occasion advertised on this website: see here for the round-up post (including news of two major international conferences), here for a blog post calling for more attention to poetry in this bi-centenary year for Browning and Lear, as well as here for a conference organized in Lyon 2 University (France) and here for news of a special issue of Victorian Poetry devoted to Browning’s legacy.

In today’s Daily Telegraph, there is a misinformed and frankly unfair article on Robert Browning’s reputation, especially in relation to Dickens. Browning is damned both ways as “none so great and none so odd”.

I think it’s important for Victorian poetry scholars to respond vigorously to this inaccurate article in the popular press, not only out of a need to promote the importance of Browning, but also to advocate for the importance and significance of our field in the face of tired old stereotypes.

I invite you all to comment on the Daily Telegraph article and promote Victorian poetry studies!

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