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Victorian Periodical Poetry anthology?
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We have some summer plans at VPN to move forward with the next phase of the database. We are finalizing out dataset, thanks to the hard work of RAs and a work study, and ready to work with the sample of Victorian periodical poetry we have indexed and curated. Caley Ehnes and I are choosing a batch of poems (we think 100) that are a representative collection of the poetry in the database. We will run the poems through OCR, clean them up and tag them. And then we propose to publish the marked-up poems as a pdf of an anthology, with critical apparatus, ready for anyone who wants to teach Victorian periodical poetry to modify and adopt.

This move forward is especially exciting for me as I look to improve and deepen my TEI skills. Luckily, the experts in UVic’s HCMC will be on hand to give advice and support, and my graduate student Caley (a dab-hand at TEI) will be working next to me in the HCMC Lab. We are grateful to Bethany Nowviski, who on a recent visit to UVic as a Landsdowne Speaker suggested to me the anthology potential of the database suggestion PressBook as a good tool. We’re not sure yet what shape the anthology will take, but we’re eager to press ahead with this next stage.

And, then, coming up, we’re asking our most pressing research questions: (1) what does periodical poetry tell us about canonical Victorian poetry, and the relationship between volumes of poetry and popular poems in serial print? Do new models of poetics emerge? (2) What are the best-selling, and arguably greatest circulating, Victorian poems, if serial print is taken into account? (3) can computers perform close reading as well as quantitative reading?

Caley and I are also busy with the submissions for the special issue of Victorian Poetry on periodical print, due to be published in the Spring of 2014.

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