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New Publications on Victorian Poetry
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The latest issue of Victorian Poetry, for Summer 2014 (52.2), contains the following essays:

  • Gregory Tate, “Infinite Movement: Robert Browning and the Dramatic   Travelogue”
  • Lakshmi Krishnan, “Robert Browning and the Intelligent Use of Anger in The Ring and the Book
  • Charlotte Boyce, “‘Mighty through thy Meats and Drinks am I’: The Gender Politics of Feast and Fast in Tennyson’s Idylls of the King
  • Jill R. Ehnenn, “Strong Traveilling: Re-visions of Women’s Subjectivity and Female Labor in the Ballad-work of Elizabeth Siddal”
  • Marisa Palacios Knox, “Masculine Identification and Marital Dissolution in Aurora Leigh

The special issue of Victorian Literature and Culture (42.3 [Spring 2014]) on “Victorian India”, edited by Mary Ellis Gibson and Melissa Richard, has some articles relevant to Victorian poetry studies:

  • Alison Chapman, “Internationalising the Sonnet: Toru Dutt’s Baugmaree”
  • Máire ní Fhlathúin, “Transformations of Byron in the Literature of British India”


  • Caroline Gelmi, “The Pleasures of Merely Circulating”: Sappho and Early American Newspaper Poetry”, Nineteenth-Century Literature 69.2 (September 2014)
  • Matthew Rubery, “Thomas Edison’s Poetry Machine”, 19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century, 18 (2014)
  • F. Elizabeth Gray, “‘With thrilling interest’: Victorian Women Poets Report the News”, Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies
  • Jayne Hildebrand, “The Ranter and the Lyric: Reform and Genre Heterogeneity in Ebenezer Elliott’s Corn Law Rhymes”, Victorian Review 39.1 (Spring 2013)
  • Jason Rudy, “Floating Worlds: Émigré Poetry and British Culture”, ELH 81.1 (Spring 2014)
  • Kirstie Blair, “‘Let the Nightingales Alone’: Correspondence Columns, the Scottish Press, and the Making of the Working-Class Poet”, Victorian Periodicals Review, 47.2 (Summer 2014)

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