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  • Date: 1887-10
  • Volume/Number/Page(s): 1/1/2-3
  • Anonymous: No
  • Unsigned: No
  • Original Language:
  • Translator:
  • Illustrator: Morgan, F. Somerville
  • Illustration:
  • Link:
  • Notes: With decorated initial and reproduced signature of poet. Frontispiece entitled "Old Song."
  • Page Images:
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  • Name: Atalanta
  • Publisher: Marshall Brothers (London)
  • Source: UVic Special Collections
  • Earliest date: 1887-10-00
  • Lastest date: 1898-09-00
  • Notes: 1-10; 1887-1897 Issue numbering changes in Volume 3 from 1-12 each volume to continuous. Therefore, the first issue of Volume 3 is numbered as 25. Volume 4 does not include an index. Pages are mis-numbered—4.44 ends at page 542 and 4.45 begins at 546. At 6.63, the issues no longer begin with Atalanta title with date, volume, and issue numbers. Instead, they open with a frontispiece and the main serialized story or a poem. (6.67 is an exception to this: it follows the old method.) Starting with Volume 7, the frontispiece is no longer given a page number. Available electronically through Gale. Merged with Victorian Magazine in December 1892.


  • Arnold, Edwin

    • Birth: 1832-06-10
    • Death: 1904-03-24
    • Gender: male
    • Nationality: English
    • Honorific Title(s): Sir
    • Qualifications:
    • Link:
    • Notes:

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