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  • Date: 1887-10
  • Volume/Number/Page(s): 1/1/2-3
  • Anonymous: No
  • Unsigned: No
  • Original Language:
  • Translator:
  • Illustrator: Morgan, F. Somerville
  • Illustration:
  • Link:
  • Notes: With decorated initial and reproduced signature of poet. Frontispiece entitled "Old Song."
  • Page Images:
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  • Name: Atalanta
  • Publisher: Marshall Brothers (London)
  • Source: UVic Special Collections
  • Earliest date: 1887-10-00
  • Lastest date: 1898-09-00
  • Notes: UVic has volumes 1-10 (1887-1897). Issue numbering changes in Volume 3 from 1-12 each volume to continuous; therefore, the first issue of Volume 3 is numbered as 25. Volume 4 does not include an index and pages are misnumbered (4.44 ends at page 542 and 4.45 begins at 546). At 6.63, the issues no longer begin with Atalanta title with date, volume, and issue numbers; instead, they open with a frontispiece and the main serialized story or a poem. (6.67 is an exception to this: it follows the old method.) Starting with Volume 7, the frontispiece is no longer given a page number. Atalanta merged with Victorian Magazine in December 1892.


  • Arnold, Edwin

    • Birth: 1832-06-10
    • Death: 1904-03-24
    • Gender: male
    • Nationality: English
    • Honorific Title(s): Sir
    • Qualifications:
    • Link:
    • Notes:

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