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Please note that this website is no longer updated. The Dabatase of Victorian Periodical Poetry will soon be available in a new stand-alone site. Please see the Database page for more information.


Christina Rossetti, “Exultate Deo,” Atalanta (October 1888)





Victorian Poetry Network, launched in January 2011, is a hub for Victorian poetry studies: the ongoing Database of Victorian Periodical Poetry (currently at over 7,600 poems), the Victorian Poetry, Poetics and Contexts Wiki (with over 200 student posts), as well as blog posts and a collated links to other resources on teaching and research. We are awaiting the outcome of a SSHRC Insight Grant to complete the Database.


Alfred Tennyson's "1865-1866," Good Words 1 March 1868

Alfred Tennyson’s “1865-1866,” Good Words (1 March 1868)








We are grateful to our partners for their support and collaboration at the University of Victoria, in particular the Dean’s Office, the Department of English, the Humanities and Media Computing Centre (especially Martin Holmes, who built the database, and Stuart Arneil, who built the front-end search engine and the WordPress plugin), Special Collections, and the Work Study program. SSHRC provided the funds for an Internal Research Grant, which helped us plan the expansion of the Database of Victorian Periodical Poetry.


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