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Dr. Alison Chapman
Alison.Chapman135700Alison Chapman (@alisonfchapman) studied at the Universities of Oxford and Glasgow, and has taught at UVic since 2005. She specialises in Victorian poetry (especially Tennyson, the Brownings and the Rossettis) and Victorian internationalism (especially transatlanticism and Anglo-Italian literary, political and cultural relations). She is the author of Networking the Nation: British and American Women’s Poetry and Italy, 1830-1870 (Oxford University Press 2015) and The Afterlife of Christina Rossetti (Palgrave 2001), and the co-author (with Joanna Meacock) of A Rossetti Family Chronology (Palgrave 2007). Alison Chapman and she has edited or co-edited several collections of essays, including (with Richard Cronin and Antony H. Harrison) A Companion to Victorian Poetry (Blackwell 2002), (with Jane Stabler) Unfolding the South: Nineteenth-Century British and American Women Writers and Artists in Italy (Manchester University Press 2003) and Victorian Women Poets (Boydell and Brewer 2003). With Caley Ehnes, she co-edited the special journal issue of Victorian Poetry on Victorian Periodical Poetry (Spring 2014). Alison Chapman also edits the Database of Victorian Periodical Poetry, located within the hub of VPN.

Contact VPN by emailing Alison Chapman at alisonc [at]

Thanks to Meagan Timney, who was hugely influential in the conception of VPN, and who worked hard to create the initial website.

Advisory Board

Isobel Armstrong
Marysa Demoor
Michael Eberle-Sinatra
Linda Hughes
Jerome McGann
Bethany Nowviskie
Michael Sanders
Ray Siemens
Andrew Stauffer
Marjorie Stone
Herbert Tucker

Research Assistants

Current RAs

Samantha MacFarlane, Ph.D. candidate, University of Victoria

Former RAs

Dr Caley Ehnes received her PhD from the University of Victoria. Her dissertation research examined the role of poetry in four of the most prominent illustrated literary periodicals of the 1860s: Once a Week, the Cornhill, Good Words, and the Argosy. Her research expertise and enthusiasm have been fundamental to conception and creation of VPN, and she continues to work with Alison Chapman on expansions to the Database. Dr Ehnes co-edited with Alison Chapman the special issue of Victorian Poetry devoted to periodical poetry (Spring 2014), and she is currently teaching at the College of the Rockies.

Dr Kylee-Anne Hingston graduated with a PhD on Victorian literature and disability studies from the University of Victoria.

Sarah Milligan has an MA from the University of Victoria, and a Combined Honours in English and History from Dalhousie University in Halifax. Originally from Montreal, she came to the West Coast to study Victorian poetry, specializing in the poetry of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. She is currently the Publishing Manager for British History Online.



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