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CFP: Object Lessons: The Victorians and the Material Text

Cahiers Victoriens et Edouardiens Object Lessons: The Victorians and the Material Text  A special issue edited by Mary Elizabeth Leighton and Lisa Surridge Building on Caroline Levine’s 2006 call for a new “strategic formalism,” this special Fall 2016 issue of Cahiers Victoriens et Edouardiens ( will feature ten to fifteen articles that foreground the relation […]

Forthcoming: The Encyclopedia of Victorian Literature

Special Issue of Victorian Poetry on the Victorian Ballad

Call for Papers for Victorian Poetry Special Issue: Ballads (Winter 2016) Edited by Letitia Henville, University of Toronto This special issue investigates one of the most collected and categorized poetic genres of the Victorian period: the ballad. While ballad collecting dates back to Samuel Pepys in the seventeenth century and Bishop Percy in the eighteenth, […]

CFP: The Uses of Religion in 19th Century Studies

Teaching Victorian Poetry and Print Culture

Currently, in my undergraduate Victorian poetry class, students are beginning to devise research essays based on print holdings in the library. And by research essay I really mean research. Students are required to devise a research question based on the syllabus, and then conduct library research that relates to the contemporary print publication of the […]

CFP: Augusta Webster (special issue of Victorian Poetry)

CFP: Special Issue of Victorian Poetry (Spring 2017) on Augusta Webster Guest Editor: Patricia Rigg Please consider submitting an essay for a special edition of Victorian Poetry devoted to Augusta Webster. Writing prolifically across genres, Webster produced dramatic and lyric poetry, verse drama, long and short fiction, and translations of Aeschylus and Euripides. She contributed […]

Inaugural Poems in Victorian Periodicals

New or re-launched Victorian periodicals often published as their very first item, in their very first issue, a poem to define the “personality”, ideological orientation, and readership community of the title. These inaugural poems emphasized the cultural value of poetry to the periodical, a value that enhanced the periodical’s claim to literary prestige and also the serial’s […]

New Publications on Victorian Poetry

The latest issue of Victorian Poetry, for Summer 2014 (52.2), contains the following essays: Gregory Tate, “Infinite Movement: Robert Browning and the Dramatic   Travelogue” Lakshmi Krishnan, “Robert Browning and the Intelligent Use of Anger in The Ring and the Book“ Charlotte Boyce, “‘Mighty through thy Meats and Drinks am I’: The Gender Politics of […]

Special Issue of Victorian Poetry on Periodical Poetry

Victorian Poetry has just issued a special number, edited by myself and Caley Ehnes, on periodical poetry (Spring 2014, 52: 1). Contents: Alison Chapman and Caley Ehnes, “Introduction” Brain Maidment, “Imagining the Cockney University: Humorous Poetry, the March of Intellect and the Periodical Press 1820-1860” Michele Martinez, “Creating an Audience for a British School: L. […]

Why poetry in Chambers’s Journal matters
Why poetry in Chambers's Journal matters

The Database of Victorian Periodical Poetry is currently completing the indexing and scanning of the weekly Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal (which, after 1854, a change to monthly publication, and re-location to London, was re-titled Chambers’s Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Arts, and which changed again in 1898 to Chambers’s Journal). By the end of March 2014 […]

A Scottish Gerard Manley Hopkins?
A Scottish Gerard Manley Hopkins?

Why would a twentieth-century Scottish poet want to translate Gerard Manley Hopkins into Scots? In 1968, Edith Anne Robertson published her translations into Scots of Gerard Manley Hopkins. This audacious collection maintained the sprung rhythm and verse form of Hopkins, and kept many of his rhymes or rhyme sounds, but transposed the diction into Lallans. […]

Is Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s “A Border Song” genuine?
Is Dante Gabriel Rossetti's "A Border Song" genuine?

On 14 January 1860, Once a Week published “A Border Song” (p. 66), illustrated by “Phiz.” The author was a “D. G. R.”, the initials used by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. But is he the author? The Rossetti Archive points out that William Michael Rossetti didn’t include the poem in any of his many editions of […]

How to Collaborate with your Students

Classroom collaboration usually means co-teaching with an instructor, or working closely with another professional such as a librarian, archivist, or technology developer. Years ago I was deeply influenced by Shoshana Felman’s discussion of classroom dynamics in Jacques Lacan and the Adventure of Insight (1987). More recently I’ve been thinking of the benefits of treating students […]

Measuring popularity

Tomorrow, 4 October 2013, is National Poetry Day in the UK. This is the beautiful, lyrical, and arresting animation made by Leo Crane to celebrate the 2013 theme of water:   Water, Water: National Poetry Day 2013 from Leo Crane on Vimeo. While there are many festivities planned (see here), what most struck me in […]

Victorian Periodical Poetry anthology?

We have some summer plans at VPN to move forward with the next phase of the database. We are finalizing out dataset, thanks to the hard work of RAs and a work study, and ready to work with the sample of Victorian periodical poetry we have indexed and curated. Caley Ehnes and I are choosing […]

Scottish Women Poets
Scottish Women Poets

How many teachers of Victorian poetry ensure they represent Scottish poetry in their syllabus? Probably women feature heavily on course reading lists, but what about Scottish women poets? And how to define Victorian Scottish women writers in any case? My friend and former colleague Dorothy McMillan edited (with Michael Byrne) the definitive edition of Modern […]

Update on the Database of Victorian Periodical Poetry

We’ve currently got 3,102 poems in the database and 1, 094 poets. Thanks to the sharp coding skills of UVic’s HCMC (and specifically of Stewart Arneil), images of many of the poems appear in the search results now (we’ll be adding more poems in the next couple of months). These show the full page context […]

Victorian Poetry Studies 20 years on?

What are the most important events in Victorian poetry studies in the last 20 years? Next year marks the 20th anniversary of Isobel Armstrong’s monumental study Victorian Poetry: Poetry, Poetics, Politics, and it’s hard to underestimate the impact the book has had on the field. When I noticed that the study — which I read […]

Presenting our new Victorian Poetry wiki

Last semester my PhD student, Caley Ehnes, taught a Victorian Poetry upper-level class at UVic and created a wiki through VPN as part of the students’ assignments. Caley’s experience was extremely positive: the students were motivated to write for a web publication and they experienced a different form of academic writing (fact-driven, descriptive, markedly different […]

Should you have a course blog?

For the first time this semester I’ve been experimenting with a course blog for my upper-level Victorian poetry seminar at UVic. In the past I’ve tried out Moodle on many occasions and, for a year-long (and very demanding) Honours seminar in close reading, I actively encouraged my small group of students to write for and […]

New Anthology of Victorian Prose
New Anthology of Victorian Prose

Congratulations to my UVic colleagues Lisa Surridge and Mary Elizabeth Leighton on the publication of their wonderful new Broadview Anthology of Victorian Prose, 1832-1901!    

The politics of review essays; or, Recent work on Victorian Women Poets

I’ve just completed my annual Year’s Work review essay in Victorian Poetry on women poets (excluding Christina Rossetti and Barrett Browning, who are each dealt with by other reviewers), to be published in the Fall of 2012, and considering criticism published in 2011. Writing academic review essays is a curious hybrid business, a mixture of providing […]

Victorian Women Poets review

I’m looking for ideas, leads, references and tips for my annual Year’s Work review of Victorian women poets for Victorian Poetry (excluding material on Christina Rossetti and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, who are covered by Florence Boos and Marjorie Stone respectively). If anyone has authored or can recommend monographs, collections of essays, articles, chapters, editions, digital […]

App Review: iF Poems
App Review: iF Poems

This is a beautiful app, aimed at children but very attractive to anyone interested in poetry. I downloaded it a while ago (£2.99 from the iTunes store) and have been playing around with it for a while, wondering what I might use it for. But, first off, its design is just so appealing that exploring […]