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Linda Hughes
Poem of the Month February

Poem of the Month – February The Visiting Sea by Alice Meynell As the inhastening tide doth roll, Home from the deep, along the whole Wide shining strand, and floods the caves, —Your love comes filling with happy waves The open sea-shore of my soul. But inland from the seaward spaces, None knows, not even […]

The Bothie of Toper-Na-Fuosich as Transatlantic Poem

Taking my cue from Alison Chapman’s fascinating blog about Toru Dutt as well as other transnational 19th-century poetry associated with Britain (I studiously avoid “Victorian” for the nonce), I want to approach Arthur Hugh Clough’s 1848 Bothie of Toper-Na-Fuosich in analogous terms.  The Bothie is transnational in its very setting and plot.  It turns on […]