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Teaching Victorian Poetry and Print Culture

Currently, in my undergraduate Victorian poetry class, students are beginning to devise research essays based on print holdings in the library. And by research essay I really mean research. Students are required to devise a research question based on the syllabus, and then conduct library research that relates to the contemporary print publication of the […]

How to Collaborate with your Students

Classroom collaboration usually means co-teaching with an instructor, or working closely with another professional such as a librarian, archivist, or technology developer. Years ago I was deeply influenced by Shoshana Felman’s discussion of classroom dynamics in Jacques Lacan and the Adventure of Insight (1987). More recently I’ve been thinking of the benefits of treating students […]

Scottish Women Poets
Scottish Women Poets

How many teachers of Victorian poetry ensure they represent Scottish poetry in their syllabus? Probably women feature heavily on course reading lists, but what about Scottish women poets? And how to define Victorian Scottish women writers in any case? My friend and former colleague Dorothy McMillan edited (with Michael Byrne) the definitive edition of Modern […]

Presenting our new Victorian Poetry wiki

Last semester my PhD student, Caley Ehnes, taught a Victorian Poetry upper-level class at UVic and created a wiki through VPN as part of the students’ assignments. Caley’s experience was extremely positive: the students were motivated to write for a web publication and they experienced a different form of academic writing (fact-driven, descriptive, markedly different […]

Should you have a course blog?

For the first time this semester I’ve been experimenting with a course blog for my upper-level Victorian poetry seminar at UVic. In the past I’ve tried out Moodle on many occasions and, for a year-long (and very demanding) Honours seminar in close reading, I actively encouraged my small group of students to write for and […]

App Review: iF Poems
App Review: iF Poems

This is a beautiful app, aimed at children but very attractive to anyone interested in poetry. I downloaded it a while ago (£2.99 from the iTunes store) and have been playing around with it for a while, wondering what I might use it for. But, first off, its design is just so appealing that exploring […]

Victorian Poetry Podcasts

We’ve found some Victorian poetry podcasts that readers of VPN may find interesting and useful for teaching. Did we leave any out? How have you used podcasts for teaching? Please let us know! Poetry Podcasts by Kirsty Blair and Rhian Williams (University of Glasgow): includes podcasts on Robert Browning’s “Porphyria’s Lover” and “A Woman’s Last […]

Poem of the Month: Tennyson’s “The Lady of Shalott”

As students begin their new Fall classes in Victorian poetry, I thought I’d choose Tennyson’s “The Lady of Shalott” as my poem of the month for September, with the question: does the poem work as the first “Victorian” poem, as courses traditionally place it? What would happen if we start our Victorian poetry syllabus in […]

Poem of the Month: Amy Levy’s “Ballade of an Omnibus”
Poem of the Month: Amy Levy's "Ballade of an Omnibus"

Amy Levy is experiencing a revival. And it’s about time. An important late-century Anglo-Jewish poet, Levy wrote technically accomplished, radical poetry, as well as several novels and periodical essays, and was a member of important politically active literary circles in London (including Karl Pearson’s “A Men and Women’s Club”). She was the first Jewish woman […]