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Victorian Apps Review (1)
Victorian Apps Review (1)

In duty’s ordered care I use, With thrifty care, the bale of time; And who shall censure, if I choose To piece the fragments into rhyme? (Epigraph to Lily Overington’s Random Rhymes and Christmas Chimes) Recently a trend has developed in the app (application) store for iPad and iPhone: libraries, museums and developers have been […]

Poem of the Month: “The Christmas Child” by Isa Craig
Poem of the Month: "The Christmas Child" by Isa Craig

Isa Craig’s “The Christmas Child” appears in the January 1862 issue of Good Words. The seasonal topic of the poem is suggestive of the diurnal readings practices promoted by Good Words. The explicitly devotional poetry found in the periodical evolved (in part) from John Keble’s extremely popular poetry volume The Christian Year (1827). Keble based his cycle […]