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Special Issue of Victorian Poetry on Periodical Poetry

Victorian Poetry has just issued a special number, edited by myself and Caley Ehnes, on periodical poetry (Spring 2014, 52: 1). Contents: Alison Chapman and Caley Ehnes, “Introduction” Brain Maidment, “Imagining the Cockney University: Humorous Poetry, the March of Intellect and the Periodical Press 1820-1860” Michele Martinez, “Creating an Audience for a British School: L. […]

The local press as poetry publisher, 1800-1900
The local press as poetry publisher, 1800-1900

English local newspapers published around two million poems during the nineteenth century – more, if we include Scottish, Irish and Welsh papers. Although poetry in periodicals is now being acknowledged in recent research and scholarly databases, newspaper poetry has received less attention. Studies of working-class poets acknowledge in passing that much of their writing was […]