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Why poetry in Chambers’s Journal matters
Why poetry in Chambers's Journal matters

The Database of Victorian Periodical Poetry is currently completing the indexing and scanning of the weekly Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal (which, after 1854, a change to monthly publication, and re-location to London, was re-titled Chambers’s Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Arts, and which changed again in 1898 to Chambers’s Journal). By the end of March 2014 […]

Victorian Apps Review (1)
Victorian Apps Review (1)

In duty’s ordered care I use, With thrifty care, the bale of time; And who shall censure, if I choose To piece the fragments into rhyme? (Epigraph to Lily Overington’s Random Rhymes and Christmas Chimes) Recently a trend has developed in the app (application) store for iPad and iPhone: libraries, museums and developers have been […]