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The politics of review essays; or, Recent work on Victorian Women Poets

I’ve just completed my annual Year’s Work review essay in Victorian Poetry on women poets (excluding Christina Rossetti and Barrett Browning, who are each dealt with by other reviewers), to be published in the Fall of 2012, and considering criticism published in 2011. Writing academic review essays is a curious hybrid business, a mixture of providing […]

Hot off the press: “Rhyme, Rhythm, and the Materiality of Poetry” in Victorian Studies

Victorian Studies for Spring 2011 is just out, and it contains a fascinating section on poetry: Adela Pinch, “Rhyme’s End” (on Mary Elizabeth Coleridge) Beth Newman, “Alice Meynell, Walter Pater, and Aestheticist Temporality” Naomi Levine, “Trebled Beauty: William Morris’s Terza Rima” Stephen Arata, “Rhyme, Rhythm, and the Materiality of Poetry: Response”

More on Victorian Prosody special issues

Yisrael Levin has already announced to VPN readers his forthcoming special issue of Victorian Poetry, co-edited with Meredith Martin, on Victorian prosody. This issue is paired with another forthcoming special issue in The Hopkins’ Quarterly for Winter-Spring 2011 (vol. 38, nos 1-2) on Hopkins and prosody. I thought readers would like a sneak preview of the […]

Victorian Prosody: Special Issue of Victorian Poetry

Followers of this blog will be happy to hear about the summer 2011 issue (49.2) of Victorian Poetry dedicated to Victorian prosody. Edited by Meredith Martin and Yisrael Levin, it consists of articles by both young and well-established scholars including Linda K. Hughes, Caroline Levine, Herbert Tucker, Jason Hall, Hazel Hutchinson, Jason Rudy, and Ben […]