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The local press as poetry publisher, 1800-1900
The local press as poetry publisher, 1800-1900

English local newspapers published around two million poems during the nineteenth century – more, if we include Scottish, Irish and Welsh papers. Although poetry in periodicals is now being acknowledged in recent research and scholarly databases, newspaper poetry has received less attention. Studies of working-class poets acknowledge in passing that much of their writing was […]

‘Little Things’: Poetry, the Periodical Press, and Good Words

Over the past 9 months, I have read a lot periodical poetry, focusing on the illustrated (and unillustrated) poetry published in the Cornhill Magazine, Once a Week, and now Good Words.  My research has surprised me as I am beginning to understand periodical poetry as central to the development and cohesion of a periodical’s literary […]

Why Toru Dutt matters: networking Victorian Poetry

Who do we read when we read Victorian poetry in our classrooms, for our research and even (yes, even) in our leisure time? Perhaps you might think that the debate has been settled somewhat by the magisterial Victorian poetry print anthologies published by Broadview, Blackwell and Oxford University Press, among others. But what happens with […]