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Teaching Resources

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Sample Syllabi

Brown University, English 141: Gender and Genre in Victorian Poetry (George P Landow, 2003)

The College at Brockport (SUNY), Victorian Poetry (Miriam Elizabeth Burstein)

Columbia University, English W4404: Victorian Poetry (Erik Gray)

Lakehead University, English 3414: Introduction to Victorian Poetry and Non-Fiction Prose, (Philip V. Allingham, Winter 2005)

Purdue University, English 337: Poetry in an Age of Prose (Dino Felluga, Fall 2010)

University of Iowa, Poetry of the Victorian Period, 1837-1901 (Florence Boos)

University of Victoria: English 551: The Brownings (Alison Chapman)

University of Victoria: Eng 551: Victorian Poetry and the New Print Media (Alison Chapman, Winter 2010)

Warwick University, English 227: Romantic and Victorian Poetry (Emma Mason)

West Chester University, English 534-80: Victorian Poetry (Robert Fletcher)

Course Websites

University of Virginia, English C986: The Pre-Raphaelite Movement (Jerome McGann)

University of Virginia, English C491: Incarnate Textualities: Blake, Dickinson, D. G. Rossetti (Jerome McGann)

NCSU, English 560: Victorian Poetry (Amanda French, 2006)




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