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VIRSF 2019 Awards
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Rotary Environment Awards

Rotary Environment Awards

Rotary Environment Awards

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2019-04-08, 14:08:59

Rotary Environment Awards
Group Photo

113 Protein Problem: A digitized at-home urinalysis device to aid patients suffering from kidney disease
Chan, Ethan Glenlyon Norfolk School Gr. 9

99 Plastics are going down
Boyd, Meredith Pender Islands Elem-Secondary Gr. 7

Honourable Mention
17 What is Happening to our Oceans? Microplastics around the Pacific
Pope-Lau, Liam Glenlyon Norfolk School Gr. 4
54 To Dye or not to Dye, that is the question...
Tait, Rachel St Margaret's School Gr. 6

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