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VIRSF 2019 Awards
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Overall Winners 2019

Overall Winners 2019

Overall Winners 2019

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2019-04-08, 14:58:04

Overall Winners 2019 - Group Photo

1st Overall
148 Textile Effluent Remediation
Cheng, Melody Glenlyon Norfolk School Gr. 11

2nd Overall
135 Occam's Laser: A Nanocoating Absorbing the Light of a Green Laser
Gandhi, Shreya Glenlyon Norfolk School Gr. 10

3rd Overall
149 Communication Techniques to Reduce Parent Resistance Towards Non-Antibiotic Treatment
Wang, Avril St Michaels University School - Senior Gr. 12

4th Overall
138 Extracting Pine Oil to Create Biodiesel
Mavrow, Dana Glenlyon Norfolk School Gr. 10

5th Place
139 Wearable Flexible Thermo-Electric Generators
Telmer, Nattan Mount Douglas Secondary School Gr. 11

6th Overall
113 Protein Problem: A digitized at-home urinalysis device to aid patients suffering from kidney disease
Chan, Ethan Glenlyon Norfolk School Gr. 9

7th Overall
144 Cytogenotoxic effects of local stormwater on Allium cepa L. : A future perspective
Gupta, Rohan Oak Bay Secondary Gr. 11

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