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Twitter Twitter
  • Twitter is a variety of micro-blogging. It allows for people to communicate both privately and in a setting in which any other individual can read. When it comes to social media and patient support, Twitter offers both instant feedback and continual updates. The advent of posting information for the world to see and comment may lead to further support from a larger community.
For more information check Twitter's About page.
Facebook fb The BCCA PEP could easily create a Facebook page. It acts as a small community where members can write on the wall, share photos, send messages etc. As it is currently the primary method of social networking, it could be a useful and easy to use tool for patient engagement. For more information check Facebook's About page.
Delicious delicious This is a site for social bookmarking. When someone creates an account they can go onto the internet and create bookmarks that are then posted online. One feature of Delicious is that users can create stacks of bookmarks which others can view. You can view my stacks here. For more information check Delicious' faq and help page.
LinkedIn linkedin This is a site that is known sometimes as the 'Professional Facebook'. It is a place where you must create an account and you can share information, much like Facebook, but the main thrust of the site is careers and the posting of resumes. This may be useful to add in to the BCCA as it is one more place that interested users and employers can post information. For more information check out their What is LinkedIn? page.
Skype skype
  • The sharing of Skype IDs would allow community members to video chat. If we decide to implement a mentor program or any sort of community based therapy/communication, Skype may be a viable option for those who are far away but would still like to have the opportunity to speak with others.
For more information check Skype's About page.
Google+ google
  • This is Google’s version of Facebook. They offer an interesting hybrid between Skype and Facebook with such features as: conference-call video chats (known as the Hang Out) as well as the opportunity to pick and choose Circles – groups of friends to whom you can choose to post (or not post) certain information.
For more information check Google+'s Overview page.


Creating a Larger Community:


While we do not have a Facebook page, Twitter Account or Skype officially activated - the buttons below are piece of programming designed to allow members of the community to Follow and Interact with such accounts once they are established. You can guess which their sites of origin by their logos.




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