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Interactive Learning



There are many many places on the internet that one can go to learn. In this section of the site I will showcase podcasts and screencasts along with general posting.



Posted below I have embedded one of my own screencasts - a rudimentary explanation of how a normal cell becomes a cancer cell. Screencasts are great tools for learning - not only can we better engage the PEP community with our own knowledge, but they can also share their knowledge. If we wanted to give a basic tutorial (for example, the PEP site) this would be the best program to utilize.




Podcasting is much like screencasting but instead it is an audio file. Podcasts have become popular through a combination of podcasts of various radio shows as well as DJ's who enjoy broadcasting their music.

Below is a Podcast from:



We all know about Video. The great thing about an internet portal of knowledge is that we can utilize video and show clips of conferences, talks etc. BCCA is great for having a series of seminars especially for working with patients. As the reach of BCCA is so expansive it makes sense that we would want to be able to broadcast talks and information sessions to those who can not reach the venue. Having this option available would greatly aid in the engagment of patients and caretakers alike.






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