People of the UVic Paleoenvironmental Group: ><

People of the UVic Paleoenvironmental Group:

Vera Pospelova, (Associate Professor).

Current Graduate Students:

Zhen Li (Ph.D.)

Carl Jonsson (M.Sc.) Co-supervised with Dr. R. Hebda.

Manuel Bringue (Ph.D.)

Andrea Price (Ph.D.) Co-supervised with Dr. C. Chmura. McGill University.

Sean Mullan (Ph.D.). Co-supervised with Dr. V. Barrie.

Pieter Gurdebeke (Ph.D.). Co-supervised with Drs. Mertens and Louwye. Ghent University.

Undergraduate Students:

Erinn Raftery

Sandy McLachlan

Jasmin Chana (NSERC USRA Fellow). 2014. Development of paleo-indicators and reconstruction of past sea-surface salinity in coastal waters of Vancouver Island.


Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Maija Heikkilä. 2010-12. Co-supervised with Drs. R. Macdonald and G. Stern at University of Manitoba. ArcticNet, Canadian Network of Centres of Excellence. Website at University of Helsinki

Dr. Kenneth Mertens. 2009. Website at Ghent University

Former Graduate Students

Cooper Stacey (M.Sc.). 2014. Thesis: Frequency and Initiation Mechanisms of Submarine Slides on the Fraser Delta Front. Co-supervised with Dr. P. Hill.

Joanna Czarnecki (M.Sc.). 2013. Thesis: Palynology and geochemistry of channel-margin sediments across the tidal-fluvial transition, lower Fraser River, British Columbia, Canada. Co-supervised with Drs. Dashtgard and Mathewes (SFU).

Andrea Price (M.Sc.). 2012. Thesis: Late Quaternary climatic and oceanographic changes in the Northeast Pacific as recorded by dinoflagellate cysts from Guaymas Basin, Gulf of California (Mexico).

Miranda Brintnell (M.Sc.). 2012. Thesis: Ancient Earth Ovens and their Environment: a Holocene History of Climate, Vegetation, and Fire in Upper Hat Creek Valley, British Columbia, Canada. Co-supervised with Dr. R. Hebda.

Clio Bonnett (M.Sc.). 2011. Thesis: Dinoflagellate cysts from the Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous sedimentary rocks of Grassy Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Kristen Cooke (M.Sc. incomp.). Co-supervised with Dr. A. Dallimore.

Byron Molloy (M.Sc.). 2010. Thesis: Marine geomorphology study of post-glacial landscapes and the sea level implications: using multibeam bathymetry from Goletas Channel - Hardy Bay - Shusharti Bay, northeast Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Co-supervised with Drs. A. Dallimore & V. Barrie.

Svetlana Esenkulova (M.Sc.). 2010. Thesis: Organic-walled dinoflagellate cyst production, composition and flux in the Central Strait of Georgia (BC, Canada): a sediment trap study.

Former Undergraduate Students

Grace Aroella-Jarvie. 2014. Honours Thesis: Sediment trap study of dinoflagellate cyst production in Effingham Inlet (BC, Canada) and the impact of the 1999 La Niña event on phytoplankton.

Francine Beaujot. 2014. Honours Thesis: Monitoring benthic communities at Ogden Point: a seven month underwater experiment. Co-supervised with Dr. J. Volpe.

Guy Hoffman

Alicia Lew

Julia McMillan. 2012. Honours Thesis: Dinoflagellate cysts in the Chukchi Sea during the Holocene: A pilot study.

Zoe Sandwith

Andrea Price (NSERC USRA Fellow). 2010. Honours Thesis: High resolution sediment trap study of dinoflagellate cyst production in Saanich Inlet.

Alanna Krepakevich (NSERC USRA Fellow). 2008.Potential impact of sewage outfall discharge on distribution of toxic dinoflagellates in coastal waters of the Greater Victoria region.

Dustin Dahn

Kirsten Kennedy (NSERC USRA Fellow). 2009. Honours Thesis: Copepod eggs: A discussion of morphology, distribution, and abundance in British Columbian marine sediment.

Kyla Adams. 2009. Honours Thesis: Dinoflagellate Stratigraphy of the Trent River Formation.

Michelle Spani

Keely Roden (NSERC USRA Fellow). 2006. Identification of Foraminiferal Organic Linings.

Sarah Newman

Clio Bonnett

Christophe Serie