Wendy Anthony's Community Mapping Innovations

* Inspiration: CMC volunteering, learning to code, ES & Geog courses, mapping projects
* Location-based: Digital Story-Telling ... Challenges: Display Changes Over Time?
* Interactive: Mobile-Friendly web pages, Responsive to different screen sizes
* Open Source: javascript, leaflet & OpenStreetMap vs GoogleMaps, JSON data format
* My Community Interests: UVic native plants & gardens; local community weather stations

Mapping UVic Plant Communities

JQuery.js mobile, Images & GoogleMaps: Native Plant Field Guide (searchable)

Leaflet.js, OpenStreetMap, JSON: Native Plant Garden Story Map (scroll-navigation) - - - UVic Herbarium Species Map (clusters)-Data

Interactive Weather Visualizations (Temp, Precip & Wind Patterns)

Highcharts.js Comparison Charts: Weather Data Locations Map - - - Comparison Choices (1993-2016) - - - Wind Roses (2015-2016)