About The Native Plant Field Guide App

While continuing my study of the phenology of Native Plants, I wanted to create a field guide of Native Plants found at the UVic campus, using photos I've taken while a student at UVic over the last 5 years.

I registered for CSC130 with the hope of creating an app to crowd-source seasonal native plant photos, and for mapping the location of those plants (see original app Projects in Lively), however I had trouble getting the Lively coding environment to work with both photos and Google Maps. As I would still need to learn how to use drop-down lists of values, I chose instead to pursue another of my interests to create a Responsive Web Design Old-Time Music Player App, with the plan to transfer the coding techniques and skills I learned to the creation of a Native Plant Field Guide for identifying Native Plants in their various phenological phases.

During the process of learning to use JavaScript coding with images and image galleries, I experimented with a number of techniques, showcased in the Gallery.

About Wendy Anthony

I started studying at UVic in 2009 in the Uni 101 program, aimed at reducing barriers for access to post-secondary education. Early in 2010, I began volunteering with the Geography Department Community Mapping Initiative, by assisting with the creation and updating of their website, and learning to code in Drupal.

I started taking part-time credit courses in Summer 2010, towards a double Major in Environmental Studies (Ethnoecology & Ethnobotany), and Geography (Mapping). I am currently considered to be a 4th year student, with only one more ES course to take (11 finished), and about 14 courses left to complete my Geography degree.

During the summer of 2014, I created a Directed Studies course to study Phenology of Place @ UVic, and developed a database for using 5 years of my photographs to document the seasonal phases of the leafing and flowering of Native Plants growing at UVic's Campus.

I am currently volunteering in the UVic Herbarium, learning to mount plant specimens, manage herbarium tasks, and develop an updated database.

Wendy's Previous Coding Experience

Note: Until completion of CSC 130 Mobile Applications course, all previous coding knowledge has been self-taught, with some assistance from mentors.


  • 2014 (UVic CSC 130)

Database Design & Management

  • FilemakerPro 13: developed a database to import photographs, using metadata to autmoatically populate data fields (2014 - UVic ES 490 )
  • SQLite: created a BC Weather database to analyze patterns (2014 - UVic CSC 371)



  • since 2004

Drupal Content Management System



  • 2012 (UVicGeog 329)
  • Created Arc Gis Toolboxes to Automate Some Steps