I am currently a Master's student at the University of Victoria in the department of mathematics and statistics. My supervisor is Dr. Gary MacGillivray. My research interests include games on graphs, spectral graph theory, analytic combinatorics, and number theory. In addition to mathematics, my interests include riding my motorcycle, powerlifting, and enjoying a craft beer or good whisk(e)y.

Mailing Address:
University of Victoria
Victoria, B.C., Canada
David Turpin Building A418c
E-mail: wheelerm at uvic dot ca

Me at Laphroaig Distillery.


  1. Math-110 Tutorial Sections T02, T05, and T08 (Fall 2017).

  2. Math-101 Tutorial Sections T21, T28, and T35 (Spring 2017).

  3. Math-109 Tutorial Sections T16 and T20 (Fall 2016).


  1. Lecture notes I wrote for Math-413 applied algebra.

  2. Slides from a talk I gave at CUMC 2017 on cops and robbers on infinite graphs.

  3. Slides from my final presentation in Math-585 on spectral graph theory.

  4. Honours Fest 2017 Poster on cops and robbers on infinite graphs. For which I received the prize of Top Presenter in Mathematics and Statistics.

Resources for UVic Students

  1. The Students in Graduate Mathematics and Statistics (SIGMAS) website provides useful information regarding events for graduate students. As well as a tutoring list and exam sales information for undergraduate students.

  2. If you are an undergraduate student taking at least one math or stats course you're automatically a member of the Students in Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics (SUMS). So make sure you're a member of the SUMS Facebook group. Some of my fondest memories as an undergrad was attending SUMS events.

  3. The UVic Library is a great resource for students from all department. Free online textbooks can also be found by logging in with your UVic netlink id.

  4. The Math and Stats Assistance Center is there to help with all first and second year math and stats courses. My current AC hours are Thursdays 3:30pm-5:30pm.


Some indispensable textbooks for my research include:

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