Wendy Wiggins

I am a first year MSc student studying under the supervision of Dr. Jody Klymak in the Ocean Physics Group at the University of Victoria and Dr. Mike Foreman at the Institute of Ocean Sciences. I finished my undergraduate degree also at the University of Victoria in combined Physics and Ocean Sciences with a Minor in Mathematics (coop) in the Spring of 2005.

Current Research

For my thesis, I will be modeling ocean circulation patterns around the Queen Charlotte Islands with ROMS (Regional Ocean Modeling System). This will be a continuation of work done by Dr. Emanuele di Lorenzo who modeled Haida eddies which form off the southern tip of Moresby island and detach periodically to drift westward. My work is funded through the BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, for which I am grateful.

Prior Work

Before starting my masters, I worked with Mike Foreman modeling the generation of the Juan de Fuca eddy, a seasonal feature which forms near the mouth of Juan de Fuca Strait in the Spring and disappears again in the Fall. Unlike Haida eddies, the Juan de Fuca eddy does not drift from its formation location, suggesting a strong link between the eddy dynamics and local bottom topography.

Outside Interests

I enjoy dancing (primarily swing and tap), cycling, ultimate frisbee, playing the piano, and baking. Having recently purchased a house with my fiance Chris, I am trying to enjoy renovating, gardening and wedding planning.