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Gitai Yahel, PhD | Oceanography and Marine Biology
| M. +972 52 2918 007 | H. +972 (77) 7800 637 | Skype/Google Chat: gitaiyahel
Research interests
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The School of Marine Sciences
Ruppin Academic Center,
40297 Israel

Lab Members

Merav Gilboa
Lab Manager

Flow Cytometry

Ayelet Dadon-Philosof
PhD Student:

Size Independent Biological Filtration

Lee Shaish


Sediment resuspension by fish and its effect on micro-estuarine ecology

David Halfon

MSc Student

Bio-mechanical aspects of filtration
in ascidians

Biology department
University of Victoria
BC, Canada


Research Interests

I'm interested in the diverse processes that link the seafloor to the overlying ocean. These processes range from feeding mechanisms of individual suspension feeders such as sponges and bivalves through the behavior pattern of ground fish and migratory zooplankton to the interplay between hydrodynamics and the benthos (organisms that inhabits the bottom of the sea). Fieldwork and the development of new methods for underwater studies are major themes in my work.

Current research:

Nutritional ecology of suspension feeders Capturing particles suspended in the water is a unique feeding strategy for aquatic animals. My studies focus on measuring the metabolism, diet composition, feeding preferences, and feeding rates of marine suspension feeders. I am particularly interested in developing underwater (in situ) methods which facilitate the study of undisturbed animals in their natural environment. Read more...

Sediment resuspension by fish Benthic (ground) fish resuspend large amount of sediments while foraging and seeking for shelter. We discovered that fish activity alone could maintain a layer of turbid water near the bottom (nepheloid benthic layer), enhance the transport of nutrients and benthic oxygen demand, and considerably reduce organic carbon sequestration. Currently, we are developing tools that will allow us to quantify these processes and understand their effects in different marine habitats. Read more...

Benthic-pelagic coupling

Benthic organisms are dependent on hydrodynamics and other processes at the water column for every aspect of their life history. In many cases, the activity of benthic communities can also control water column processes. We are using a variety of methods to quantify these processes in the field. Read more...

Active grants

Examining size independent biological filtration at the submicron range

   Gitai Yahel

o   Israeli Science Fund (ISF) 2013-2017

Interactions between marine picoplankton and mucous-net filter feeders

o   Gitai Yahel, Kelly R. Sutherland, and Yaron Tikochinski

o   United State-Israel Binational Science Fund (BSF) 2013-2017

Rehabilitation of the micro estuaries along the Mediterranean coast of Israel

o   Sarig Gafny, Yair Suari, and Gitai Yahe

o   Yad Hanadiv 2013-2016

Study of the deep Israeli continental margins of the red and Mediterranean seas in light of local and global changes (ROV)

o   Amatzia Genin, Micha Ilan, Gitai Yahel

o   Israel Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) 2014-2017

Development of a nonspecific sensor for the detection of water contaminations

o   Gitai Yahel, Ben-Zion Dekel

o   Ruppin Internal Grant 2012-2014

List of publications ISI Citation Report - March 2013
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Limnol. Oceanogr. 57(4) 945-958 Journal | Abstract | PDF

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PLOS ONE 6(12): e27787. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0027787 Journal | Abstract | PDF

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Groundfish overfishing, diatom decline, and the marine silica cycle: Lessons from Saanich Inlet, Canada, and the Baltic Sea cod crash
Global Biogeochem. Cycles, 23, GB4032, doi:10.1029/2008GB003416 Journal | Abstract | PDF+SM | Supplementary video

19. Yahel G., Peter G. Beninger, Marie D., and Genin A. (2009)
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16. Yahel G., Whitney F., Reiswig H.M., Eerkes-Medrano D.I., and Leys S.P. (2007)
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Limnol. Oceanogr. 52,428-440 Journal | Abstract | PDFSOM

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Fouling reefal communities on artificial reefs: Does age matter? 
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Suspension feeding in coral reefs - what about dissolved matter?
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1. Fabricius K., Benayahu Y., Yahel G., Genin A. (1996)
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1. Kahn A, Yahel G., Tunnicliffe V., Leys, S.P.
Benthic grazing by deep-water glass sponge reefs
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 
Email for manuscript

In preparation
Katz T. , Yahel G, Tunnicliffe T., Herut B., Crusius J. , Whitney F., Snelgrove P.V.R. , and Lazar B.
Fish activity balances the silica cycle in a north pacific fjord
Email for manuscript

Reports and other publication

1. Environmental Impacts of air-gun surveys on Glass Sponges
PI: Tunnicliffe V. and Chapman R. | Draft prepared by Yahel G. and Wilmut M.