My research interests reach across numerous socio-demographic topics, with long-standing interest in family demography. My current research program is concerned with Canadian trends in regional patterns in conjugal union formation and dissolution, focusing on the dramatic growth and regional divergence in the choice of nonmarital cohabitation instead of marriage in the union formation process. My other areas of interests include immigration, social geronotology, and sociology of mental health.

Bob and Kay Lane Scholarship:

    Among scholarships available to graduate students in Sociology, Department of Sociology (via Graduate Studies) offers the Bob and Kay Lane Scholarship, currently valued at $2,500 per annum, to one or more Sociology graduate students who conduct their thesis research in demography.

Prospective Graduate Students:

    If you consider me to supervise your graduate work, you should contact me as early as possible. Student theses are generally tied to my research interests and, sometimes, my on-going research projects.