Civil Engineering Courses (CIVE)

Undergraduate Courses

Courses offered by the Faculty of Engineering are also found under the following course codes: BME (Biomedical Engineering), CENG (Computer Engineering), CSC (Computer Science), ELEC (Electrical Engineering), ENGR (Engineering), MECH (Mechanical Engineering) and SENG (Software Engineering).

200-level courses
200 Engineering Drawing
210 Sustainable Development in Civil Engineering
220 Mechanics of Solids I
242 Dynamics
285 Civil Engineering Materials
295 Building Science Fundamentals
299 Geomatics Engineering

300-level courses
310 Environmental Engineering
315 Environmental Policy
340 Sustainable Water Resources
345 Fluid Mechanics
350 Structural Analysis
351 Sustainable Design of Steel and Timber Structures
352 Reinforced Concrete Structural Design
360 Sustainable Transportation Systems
370 Construction and Project Management
385 Geotechnical Engineering

400-level courses
400 Cross-disciplinary Capstone Design Project
410 Solid Waste, Air, and Water Pollution
420 Advanced Mechanics of Solids
440 Open Channel Hydraulics
445 Groundwater Hydrology
446 Introduction to Ocean Engineering
450 Green Building Design
451 Sustainable Buildings: Retrofitting, Repairs, and Recycling
452 Engineering for Earthquakes and Extreme Events
456 Sustainability and Advanced Concrete Technology
460 Intelligent Transportation Systems
480A Special Topics
480B Special Topics
480C Special Topics
480D Special Topics
480E Special Topics
480F Special Topics